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Most questions should go directly to the Licensing Administrator for the profession in question.

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Licensing by Profession
All professions, Renewal Clerk  
Accountants, Aprille Morrison 802-828-0052
Acupuncture, Brittany Utton 802-828-1502
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, Diane LaFaille 802-828-2390
Allied Mental Health, Diane LaFaille 802-828-2390
Applied Behavior Analysts, Diane Lafaille 802-828-2390
Architects, Danielle Rubalcaba 802-828-1501
Athletic Trainers, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Auctioneers, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Audiologists, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Barbers & Cosmetology, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Boxing Control, Brittany Utton 802-828-1502
Chiropractors, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Dental, Diane Lafaille 802-828-2390
Dietitians, Brittany Utton 802-828-1502
Electrolysis, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Engineers, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Estheticians, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Foresters, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Funeral Services, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Hearing Aid Dispensers, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Landscape Architects, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Land Surveyors, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Midwives, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Motor Vehicle Racing, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Naturopathic Physicians, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Notaries Public, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Nursing (RN/LPN/International), Michelle Lavoie 802-828-2396
Nursing (LNA/MNA/APRN), Kristin Donnelly 802-828-2396
Nursing Home Administrators, Phyllis Mitchell 802-828-3180
Occupational Therapists, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Opticians, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Optometry, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Osteopaths, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Pharmacy, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Physical Therapists, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Pollution Abatement Facility Operator, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Private Investigative & Security Services, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Property Inspectors, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Psychoanalysts, Diane LaFaille 802-828-2390
Psychology, Diane LaFaille 802-828-2390
Radiologic Technology, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Real Estate Appraisers, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Real Estate Brokers/Salespersons, Judith Roy 802-828-3228
Respiratory Care Therapists, Brittany Utton 802-828-1502
Social Workers, Diane LaFaille 802-828-2390
Speech Language Pathologists, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Tattooists and Body Piercing, Kelsi Alger 802-828-1134
Veterinary, Corey Young 802-828-2373
Wastewater/Water System Designers, Kara Shangraw 802-828-5434
Aprille Morrison, Licensing Administrator III, Non-Nursing Supervisor 802-828-0052
Danielle Rubalcaba, Licensing Administrator III, Non-Nursing Supervisor 802-828-1501
Tara Grenier, Licensing Administrator IV, Supervisor 802-828-2808
Phyllis Mitchell, Nursing Executive Officer & Nursing Supervisor 802-828-3180
S. Lauren Hibbert, Director 802-828-2458
Vacant, Assistant Director  
Beth Kneen, Docket Clerk 802-828-2367
Gabriel Gilman, General Counsel 802-828-2492
Lauren Layman, Staff Attorney 802-828-2883
Jennifer Rotblatt, Administrative Services Coordinator 802-828-2191
Aprille Morrison, Licensing Administrator III, Non Nursing Supervisor 802-828-0052
Danielle Rubalcaba, Licensing Administrator III, Non Nursing Supervisor and Online Services 802-828-1501
Tara Grenier, Licensing Administrator IV, Supervisor 802-828-2808
Phyllis Mitchell, Nursing Executive Officer & Nursing Supervisor 802-828-3180
Carrie Phillips, Pharmacy Executive Officer 802-828-5032
Deborah Belcher, Business Process Manager 802-828-2733
Dylan Bruce, Research & Statistics Analyst 802-828-5031
Inspection Unit
Derek Everett, Licensing Board Inspector Coordinator 802-505-5974
Christina DeLance, Field Inspector (civil) 802-522-8588
Investigative Unit
John Lewis, Chief Investigator 802-828-2399
Michael Warren, Investigative Coordinator 802-338-5479
Paul Petralia, Investigator 802-828-2466
Dennis Menard, Investigator (civil) 802-828-3551
Shawn McGarvin, Investigator 802-828-0174
Mike Desjardins, Investigator (civil) 802-828-3790
Marcello D'Alessandro, Investigator 802-585-9124
Vacant, Investigator 802-828-2838
Prosecution Unit
Elizabeth St. James, Chief Prosecuting Attorney 802-828-1218
Benjamin Novogroski, Prosecuting Attorney 802-828-1217
Jennifer Colin, Prosecuting Attorney 802-828-1219
Traci Leibowitz, Prosecuting Attorney 802-828-0041
Carla Preston, Case Manager (non-nursing) 802-828-2875
Ellen Leff, Case Manager (nursing and non-nursing) 802-828-1635
Laticia Garcia, Legal Assistant 802-828-3555
Fax Numbers
Docket Clerk Fax: 802-828-2368
Enforcement Fax: 802-828-2389
Licensure Fax: 802-828-2465
Nursing Fax: 802-828-2484

Contact Information

S. Lauren Hibbert, Director

89 Main Street, 3rd Floor

Montpelier, VT 05620-3402

Renewal Clerk


Office Hours:

7:45 to 4:30, Monday through Friday

(Except Holidays)