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About the Elections Division

The Elections Division guides the administration of Vermont’s elections, works to protect the integrity of the democratic process, assists in the registration of voters, oversees campaign finance reporting, and implements Vermont’s lobbyist disclosure laws.

Elections in Vermont are administered at the local level. The Elections Division works closely with Town, City and County clerks across Vermont to ensure the smooth administration of Vermont's local, state, and federal elections. The Elections Division provides guidance on the election law, provides supplies that are fundamental to carrying out elections, and is a resource before and on election day to help election officials with any emergencies or routine questions that may arise.

The Elections Division is also responsible for administration of Vermont's campaign finance law. All candidates, PACs, and parties file their campaign finance disclosure reports with the Elections Division, which in turn makes those reports available to the public for inspection. We do not, however, have investigative or enforcement authority over the campaign finance law, and refer all complaints of violations to the Attorney General.

Finally, the Elections Division also administers Vermont's lobbyist disclosure law. All Lobbyists, Lobbyist Employers, and Lobbying Firms file their periodic lobbying disclosure forms with the Elections Division, which makes these disclosures available to the public for inspection.

This website contains a variety of information about how elections are conducted, as well as historical elections information. It also contains all relevant information concerning the campaign finance and lobbyist disclosure laws, and provides public access to all filings made pursuant to each of those laws.

Will Senning,
Director of Elections and Campaign Finance

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Elections Division

William Senning, Director

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Lori Bjornlund



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Elizabeth "Liz" Harrington



Town Clerks/Voter Registration

Lelonie Oatway



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Office of the Secretary of State

Elections Division

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